My Anxiety Symptoms

In this post I’m going to provide a list of the anxiety symptoms that I have experienced over that past year which have motivated me to seek treatment.

Stomach pains – According to my doctor, these stomach pains may be connected to gastral intestinal issues that are being triggered by anxiety and stress. For me, these stomach pains manifested as brief stabbing pains in my upper abdomen that would cause me to double over for several minutes until the pain eventually passed.

Nausea – On bad days, I would feel nauseous all day long for no apparent reason. On good days, the nausea came and went throughout the day. My nausea often caused….

Loss of apatite – Though I forced myself to eat, nothing was appealing. Additionally, food never sat well in my stomach without making me feel sick.

Chest pains – I often felt a tightening in my chest which would usually last all day long.

Weighted breathing – The feeling that I was never getting enough oxygen, no matter how deeply I was breathing.

Panic attacks – My anxiety rarely escalated into a full blown panic attacks. However, when it did, I was always away from home or driving. This caused me to develop….

Agoraphobia – My panic attacks and the Covid-19 outbreak made me fearful of leaving the house. Additionally, I became fearful of driving in the dark, in the rain, and outside of my town.

Butterflies in stomach – Self-explanatory

Anxious jittering – Self-explanatory

Fear of something bad happening – Self-explanitory

Blurry Vision – I would often experience blurred vision or spotted vision.

Low energy – My anxiety became so bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I would wake up, take care of my kids, lay down as much as possible, and spend the day wishing that it would be time to go to sleep again.

Memory issues / brain fog / derealization – This has definitely been my most unpleasant anxiety symptom next to panic attacks. Honestly, even thinking about this symptom triggers anxiety for me. When I spoke to my doctor, I was not given the official term for this symptom so I am just going to describe how it has manifested for me. Even though I spent all of my days laying down watching tv when my anxiety was first triggered, I often couldn’t recall specific details about my day. My memory was always a bit foggy and my days all seemed to blend together. When the brain fog / derealization would hit me, it would last for several hours to entire days. It made me feel like I was asleep but somehow awake at the same time. Everything around me felt strange, like I wasn’t connected to any of it. I almost felt that I was outside of my body, seeing everything from the outside. When people would talk to me during one of these episodes, I would have to struggle to make out what they were saying. It felt like I was in a dream like state where nothing around me was real. I began to feel like I wasn’t real and that I was going to slowly slip out of existence. When experiencing one of these episodes, I would fear that I would never come out of it. Of course, this lack of control always sent me into a panic as I struggled to regain control of my mind.

Love Always, AnxiouslyM

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