First Therapy Session – Covid-19 Style

The local hospital that my doctor works out of offers a great free program for mental health patents. This program allows each patient to have 6 free 30 minute sessions with a therapist to develop coping skills. I have already had my first two sessions with my therapist and I wanted to share my experience.

I never though I would find anything to appreciate about this pandemic. However, my therapist informed me that all sessions were currently being done remotely through video call due to Covid-19. This type of meeting is perfect for me right now, as I am currently struggling with agoraphobia in addition to GAD. Not to mention, it keeps me from having to search for a babysitter. Both of my sessions began with a check-in where my therapist asked me to tell him a bit about my week and about how my mental health had been fairing. I felt really comfortable talking to him through video call. I was initially worried that it would be awkward and that I wouldn’t know what to say but everything went smoothly.

During our first visit, he told me that focusing on my senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) during an anxiety attack can help one to reground themselves in reality. When I put this tip into practice, I found it to be only mildly effective. I talked to him a lot about my driving anxiety during our second visit. He suggested that since my driving anxiety is clearly connected to driving at night, driving in the rain, and driving long distances that I should try to drive in these conditions for brief intervals to overcome my fears. I don’t think that is going to happen, at least not any time soon. I mean, unlike other scenarios where I am essentially perceiving a threat that isn’t really there, driving in these types of conditions presents a very real threat. The threat is only intensified when I’m behind the wheel in the thralls of a panic attack. Maybe I’ll give it a shot sometime in a parking lot with no other cars around. Maybe I would feel safer with someone else riding shotgun. I’m a mess.

My only real complaint about my therapy sessions is that they were way too short! How can anything really get accomplished in 30 minutes? I feel like I’m just starting to delve into things when time is up. Is 30 minutes a normal time fame for a therapy session? I may try to look into therapists who offer longer sessions in the future. That is IF I can find an option that I can afford.

Love Always, AnxiouslyM

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