Weeks 4-6 On Zoloft

This medication update is going to be short and sweet. I am still taking 50mg of Zoloft every day at approximately 10AM. Thankfully, I’m no longer experiencing any side effects. I appreciate that I am able to get out of bed now, and that I can actually get some things accomplished around the house. I can’t even imagine how terrible things would be right now if I still felt the way I did last month while having to do online learning with two children.

As thankful as I am, I can’t help but wonder if I need to up my dosage. I know that Zoloft isn’t supposed to make you happy all the time, but I am still experiencing anxiety on a daily basis. Granted, the anxiety is not as intense and debilitating as it was before I started taking medication, but it is still there. Some days are worse than others. For instance, about four days ago I felt on top of the world for most of the day until the anxiety hit me later in the evening. However, today I had a wave of anxiety hit me so hard that I had to lay down and couldn’t do much of anything for several hours. I thankfully haven’t experienced any brain fog / derealization episodes since week 3 of my medication. However, my anxiety was so intense today that I was worried that I was going to slip into one. Is this normal? Is this a sign that I need to up my dosage or is this kind of thing going to happen regardless. Over the past two months, I have also noticed that my anxiety seems to peak when I am getting ready to start my period and when I am on my period. Is this a common thing for women with GAD? It makes sense that it would be a thing. I have an qappointment with my doctor on October 2nd to discuss my medication. Hopefully I will get some answers then.

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Love Always, AnxiouslyM 

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