Amateur Book Review: “The Glass Magician,” By Charlie N. Holmberg

“You’re a candle that won’t be snuffed, and now the darkest parts of this world can see you. And they don’t tolerate the light.”

– Charlie N. Holmberg, “The Glass Magician”

Spoiler Alert!

Book Review:

“The Glass Magician,” by Charlie N. Holmberg is the second instalment in “The Paper Magician” trilogy. If follows paper magic apprentice, Ceony Twill, and her instructor, Mg. Thane, as they face the ramifications of Ceony’s daring faceoff against the evil Excisioner, Lira. Though Lira remains frozen by Ceony’s spell, two of her coconspirators are now out for blood and have their sights set on Ceony. Both Ceony and Mg. Thane must faceoff against malevolent forces to survive and to discover the secret of unbinding one’s self from their chosen magic material. Meanwhile, the budding romance between Ceony and Mg. Thane seems to stall. Will their student/teacher obligations prevent them from entering into a romantic relationship, or do they have a chance to be something more? Only time will tell.

Admittedly, I enjoyed this book much more than I enjoyed “The Paper Magician.” Like the first book in this series, “The Glass Magician” had a really exciting plot that kept you on your toes. I appreciated that this book further incorporated magicians of elements other than paper. As alluded to by the book’s title, “The Glass Magician” focused heavily on glass magicians and all of the cool spells that could be done with mirrors. This book also included smelting magicians, plastic magicians, and rubber magicians among others.

This book seemed much more action packed than its predecessor. Both Ceony and Mg. Thane engaged in battles with other magicians, sometimes together and sometimes apart. I loved reading about how the different materials could be used in battle. Each material contributed something unique to the battle scenes, even the flimsier materials like paper and rubber. Another interesting thing about the battle scenes in this book was, it revealed what could happen when magicians of different materials faceoff against one another. You would think that the stronger materials, like metal and flesh, would come out on top, but this wasn’t always the case in this book.

I was happy to finally learn a bit more about Ceony. Through reading about her adventures and experiences, bits and pieces of her personality started to come out. Ceony is brave and intelligent. However, she often acts without thinking, which sometimes puts herself and the people she cares about in danger. She seems to wear her emotions on her sleeve, even when she doesn’t want to, and she is fiercely protective of her family and friends. Ceony is still lovestruck by Mg. Thane, which often impedes her judgement about matters of self-preservation. Though I got to learn a lot about Mg. Thane in “The Paper Magician,” towards the end of this book we get a peak of the story from his perspective, which I enjoyed.

I definitely feel motivated and excited to read the final book in this series. This book ended by revealing that a magician can unlink themselves from their chosen material and link themselves to another. I thought that this was an intriguing revelation, as it leaves the door open for Ceony to explore all of the other magic materials in the final book. As the second book ends, only Ceony and Mg. Thane know the secret to linking and unlinking from a material. It will be interesting to see what they do with this information moving forward.

My only criticism about this book is, once again, the romance between Ceony and Mg. Thane. There is too much of an age difference between them and he is in a position of power over her. It just doesn’t sit right with me. It is clear when Ceony talks about Mg. Thane that she is somewhat idolizing him as her first love. On the other hand, Mg. Thane tries to take his role as her teacher seriously and fights to keep his romantic feelings at bay for as long as he can. I like the romantic element in this series, but I wish that the author had made it a bit less skeevy. I don’t know if I’m going to get past this opinion. I guess I will see how everything unfolds in book three.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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