Shadow Work Session 6: 10 Of Pentacles

Continuing my shadow work with the 10 of pentacles, I have decided that it would be a lot easier for me to make an action plan that will lay the foundation for a prosperous future if I actually knew what I wanted my future to look like. Also, having a clear idea of what I want will make it easier for me to come forward in prayer honestly to ask for what I really want. Today I will create a limitless vision for what I desire my future to be like.

I also want to make note of a few things before moving forward. As a part of my shadow work, it has been placed on my heart that, to help break my obsession with ownership and things, I am to chose something that I love and give it away to someone that I care about. I have not fully decided yet, but I think that I am going to give my malachite pyramid to my mother if she will accept it. She has done a lot for me, I would like to pay a little of it back. Also, malachite is her favorite stone. Finally, receiving our stimulus check has really triggered some challenges for me regarding my work with the 10 of pentacles. It has really been testing me to put what I am learning into action and sacrifice what I want in the present moment so I can put the money towards my future. I really hope that I am making good choices. It seems that my work with this card will require me to do much planning that may be best accomplished in a notebook instead of my blog.

A Limitless Vision For My Future

I will have comfortable and secure job that I enjoy. I will make at least $50,000 a year, I may be wrong, but I think that this will be enough to finance the life that I want. I don’t feel that my passions will be found in work, but I want to do work that gives me purpose. I am drawn to careers in the mental health and education fields, though I am also open to accepting a steady office job if it meets my needs.

I will get my associates degree and move on to my BA. I plan to study exceptional children’s education, counseling, or office administration. I will make a decision as more information and opportunities are revealed to me.

I will raise my credit score high enough for me to buy my first home.

I will build up a savings account holding up to several thousand dollars to prepare for emergencies.

I will build a small community of people that enjoy the same things as I do.

I will maintain a strong connection with my family.

My children will be happy, healthy and safe. I will teach them how to manage money and how to transition into adulthood. I will maintain an open loving relationship with them.

I will engage in my passions and make time to learn new things and engage in my craft.

I will continue my small businesses (jewelry making and tarot) for fun and for extra income. I will enhance my skills to create better product. People will take notice of my businesses and I will build up a steady customer base.

I will have a reliable vehicle.

I will make my mental health a priority and will free myself from my major anxiety triggers.

I will repair my marriage, allowing space for patients and forgiveness. I will focus on creating opportunities with him that will foster friendship, love, connection, and communication.

Alternatively, I will be alone and happy, embracing myself as an individual and my community as my comfort and my social outlet. OR I will enter into a serious relationship with someone who is my best friend and partner. Someone who works to build a life with me and carries his share of the relationship. Someone dependable, reliable, honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Someone who is sober. Someone who is intelligent with a goofy streak. A homebody like me who does not always need to go outside the home to fulfil his social needs.

One of the most important aspects of my future is my home, as I see it as my sanctuary and next to family and my relationship with myself & God, it is the core of my stability and security. I will buy my own home. My home will be in the woods surrounded by nature. I will strive to buy a home that has a view of a mountain or a stream, but I will be willing to sacrifice that if my home is surrounded by nature. My home will be quirky, I will branch away from the traditional split level style home. My home will have a garage. It will have a large Livingroom and kitchen with plenty of storage space. It will have a comfortable yet modest sized dining room. I would like a fireplace. My home will have two bathrooms and at least three decent sized bedrooms. I will either have a fourth room to use as an office/library/spiritual space/craft room OR I will have my dream room, which is a singular attic style room upstairs with angular ceilings and a picturesque window that I will use as my office/library/spiritual space/craft room. My home will have lots of windows and preferably at least one large picturesque window. My house will have hardwood floors. As for decor, my kids can decorate their rooms as they please. However, throughout the rest of the house I plan to use soft greys, white, and black in common areas. I will decorate my bedroom and bathroom in either midnight purple or midnight blue with gold accents. I envision my “witch cave” decorated in soft greys, white, and black with all of my personal items on display. I will have thick fluffy comforters on the beds that feel like clouds. I will have sturdy well made furniture that is comfortable and matches my aesthetic. I will have a deck. It is my preference that at least part of my deck will be covered so I can put out my plants to sun and some deck furniture so I can sit and enjoy the rain. I will have an outdoor shed for storage and outdoor workings. I will learn to garden and compost so I can create my own vegetable, herb, and flower garden.

Comfort, peace, and grounded spiritual connectivity will be my homes vibes.

I will be happy, healthy, and at peace.

These shadow work posts are truly for my own self discovery and development, but I appreciate those of you who have taken the time to read this. I plan to continue to work with the 10 of pentacles for the rest of the week, or until I feel that it is time for me to move onto a new card/shadow aspect.

Love Always, AnxiouslyM

P.S. for those of you who have been reading my shadow work posts and are familiar with shadow work yourselves, am I doing this right? It feels like I am. I mean, I am uncovering things and working to understand and heal…my path forward is becoming more clear…I’m just not sure this early in the process if I am doing my shadow work the “right” way. What do you guys think?

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