Shadow Work Session 23: Ace Of Wands

Continuing my work with the Ace of Wands…it will be brief today.

So, here I am again in a place that requires “action.” I now feel like I a have a good understanding of the roots of my self doubt, lack of confidence, and hesitance to take advantage of new opportunities in my life. I have taken a deep dive into the origins of my fear of self expression, judgement, rejection, and my need for validation. Now is the time for me to move forward, but yet I am still finding myself stuck in place. Now is the time when I need to be putting what I have learned in action, putting myself out there, and trying new things. I know what I need to do…I am just lacking the motivation and courage to do it.

The Ace of Wands urged me to stop overthinking everything and just go for it…but I still find myself caught up in self doubt and feeling the need to overanalyze and plan everything. It seems so simple, yet I am struggling to overcome it. How can I break these problem behaviors? I keep trying to plan my way through, but something tells me that this isn’t what I should be doing.

A good way to develop self confidence and drive, is to push your way through even when you feel afraid. If you push through the blockages/fear enough, maybe you will start to feel more confident in your abilities to bring you dreams to fruition….but how to start?

I am a bit disappointed that there have been no break throughs today, but not every day will be ground breaking. I prayed to be led to what I need to learn today, and this is where my mind is leading me. Maybe I need to sit with this for a bit and see if anything new comes to me. Maybe I need to take a look back at the questions that I answered yesterday and start trying to make those things happen. I will update if anything new comes up today.

These shadow work posts are truly intended for my own self development and discovery, but I thank those of you who took the time to read this. I will continue to work with my shadow aspects central to the Ace of Wands for the rest of the week OR until I feel that it is time for me to move on to another shadow aspect/card.

Love Always, AnxiouslyM

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