Shadow Work Session 32: 9 Of Cups

I started my day with prayer and gratitude. I have to say, it feels good. It definitely took the focus off of the things that were causing me stress, even if just temporarily. I think that I am ready to tackle this process of picking out the things that have been holding me back so I can cut them out of my life. However, I find that I work best with a plan. I am going to use today to come up with a plan/guide that will help me to accomplish this. So, here we go…

  1. Start by making two lists, one labeled “bad” and the other labeled “good.”
  2. Review your list of goals that you made earlier in your shadow work. Where do you want your life to go/end up? How do you picture your long term future and your future self?
  3. Are you on the right track to get to the life you’ve imagined for yourself? If not, what is holding you back? Add those things to the list labeled “bad”.
  4. Review your list of things that control your life, including your own thought patterns and attitudes. Have you made any progress with these things?
  5. If there are things that you feel are still controlling your life, add them to the list labeled “bad.”
  6. Review your relationship evaluations. Are any of your relationships holding you back or making you unhappy? Does the balance in any of these relationships still need to be corrected. If so, add these relationships to the list labeled “bad.”
  7. Review your list of the things that hold you back from having big dreams and going after them. Are any of these things still holding you back? If so, add them to the list labeled “bad.”
  8. Review your passions, hopes, dreams, and the things and relationships that make you happy. What things nourish you and bring you joy? Add these things to the list labeled “good.”
  9. Review you list of things that cause you mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual stress throughout the day. Add those things to the list labeled “bad.”
  10. Make a list of all the ways that you are settling for contentment over happiness. Add those things to the list labeled “bad.”
  11. Review your two lists honestly and determine what can be cut out to set you on a better path.
  12. If you find that there are some things that need to be removed but can’t be right now, review your work on conflict resolution and personal independence to see if there is anything you can adjust. Perhaps this will help you to make it possible for these things to be removed from you life OR will give you some options for making them more tolerable.

These shadow work posts are truly intended for my own self discovery and development, but I thank those of you who took the time to read this. I plan to work through this list of tasks that I have made for myself today no matter how long it takes. I may be able to move onto a new shadow aspect by then end of the week. However, there is also a chance that I may have to stretch this work out a bit longer.

Love Always, AnxiouslyM

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