About The Blogger.

Welcome readers! I’m M and I’m a 32 year old wife and mother from nowhere, North Carolina. My Husband Ross and I have been married for 10 years. Ross is currently a drug recovering addict. We have our ups and downs but are trying to work our way through it. We have two children. Brent is 13 and is just now entering the chaos and confusion of his teenage years. Gail is 5 and has just started her first year of kindergarten. Gail is also autistic, and she is made all the more wonderful for it.

Personally, I enjoy hiking, reading, photography, jewelry making, watching t.v, puzzles, board games, writing, movies, music, gardening, foraging, and learning about psychology and metaphysics. I’m a laid-back introvert who likes to spend most of my time at home or out in nature.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety from a young age. Though there have been periods throughout my life when my mental health was relatively easy to manage, there have also been periods when my anxiety and depression have taken over. ​I decided to meet with a doctor last year when anxiety triggered by stress became too much to manage on my own. He diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for which he prescribed Zoloft.

About The Blog.

I started this blog when I was experiencing a low point in my mental health and was in need of an outlet. I use my blog primarily as an open diary regarding my life and mental health. You can expect to see posts about mental health, lifestyle topics, my personal interests, and my own journey living life with GAD. Blogging has been a great outlet for me to work through my feelings and anxieties. I hope that reading about my life and experiences with mental health will help others, or at the very least, provide some comfort and reassurance that you are not alone.

​Love always, Anxiously M